Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Taximan's Story

I read "The Taximan's Story " in "Little Ironies" by Catherine Lim. It is about a taximan sharing to a customer about the difference between teens of the present century and that of the previous century. It tells us about the life of teenagers now, how many young girls and boys trick their parents that they have a school activity but actually go out, smoke, dress like big shots. It also tells us about how many schoolgirls who make love with foreigners and other boys, one sadly being the taximan's daughter too. The irony is that he does not like all these young people doing all these immoral things yet he rushes to fetch them around as though he was their servant.
Upon reading this story, ifeel quite sorry for the taximan as his only child that might have a promising future would actually do this type of things. However, I agree that this story is quite realistic as that is what is happening now but not on such a large scale.


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